This Is Why I Love You - Visitor's Love Poem

by Sheila
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

This is what makes you, you and this is why I love you.
When you pass by me and your scent rolls off your body,
it is like standing in the middle of a meadow full of fresh flowers.
When you smile it lights up a room like the sunlight
The earth.
When your hand slightly brushes me it sends chills down my spine
and makes my heart skip a beat.
When our eyes meet I can see deep into your soul
and that is a place I like to get lost into forever.
When you speak it is like hearing angles sing and
if I close my eyes it takes me to a place where only you and
I exist.
When you call my name I just want to run into
your arms and never leave.
When you walk across the room I could melt in your path.
Like ice on a hot cement.
When you are there I just want to show off and get you
to notice me, I get so happy I feel like a walking festival inside.
So this is why you are you and this is why I love you.

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