The Night - Visitor's Love Poem

by Michael L Stirling
(Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA)

She came flying in late one night,
I held her close with all my might.

Our eyes met and locked in place,
I could not wipe the smile from my face.

Our lips met in a brief warm kiss,
we have waited so long to feel like this.

I rushed her home so we could be alone,
her loving presence warmed me down to the bone.

We talked, hugged, kissed and played, later,
much later, oh the love we made!

We spent so much time just looking at each other,
friend, soul mate, potential lover?

We ate and talked and drank some wine,
I couldn't get over her wanting to be mine.

Together in bed for the first time in years,
brought feelings of love, laughter and tears.

Her naked body lying next to me,
I was alive, excited, comfortable and free!

We held each other close and just loved the touch,
we both said how we loved the other so much!

A late night dinner, a couple bottles of wine,
chatting, laughing, we had a truly wonderful time.

It seems as if she just got here and now she has to go,
I stood at the stairs thinking "NO DON'T GO!"

My true love came and went so fast,
was she real or just a dream of the past.

She warmed my nights and brightened my days,
and she now has me walking around in a haze.

I love you darlin I hope you know,
this love is for real and not for show.

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