The Last Good Bye - Visitor's Love Poem

by Ansaj Aman

There lived a guy who loved a girl
For whom he can dance or even swirl!
He didn't ever propose to her
But now it's the end of her semester!
It's time to say the last "good-bye" to her
His true love remained undisclosed forever!

But I, somewhat being that guy
Who loves sum1 truly, I don't lie.
Believes that love is all about destiny
And this world is too small in reality!
This last "good-bye" before the farewell
Certainly seems to be like hell!

But I believe if she is my destiny
Then I'll have her despite the weak probability!
Because this world is round
What goes around comes around!
So before I say the so called last "good-bye"
I just wanna tell you without being so shy!

I love you, I really do,
But maybe I'm not the right man for you!
All I wanna say before I go
Hey wait! There's destiny you never know!
But I just wanna see you happy and live your life
For let destiny decide my wife!

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