Struggles of a Single Mother - Visitor's Love Story

by Rose
(Manila, Philippines)

She was a 25-year-old and a single mother. She had live her life raising her beautiful angel.

Life had been too tough for her, her parents had abandoned her when they knew she had a child. But a man came into her life and had helped her raise her angel. He had been a great father, husband and a friend. She was living a great life that she had never expected after all that she had experienced in her past.

Then she saw her angel growing to became a talented child. She can sing, play a piano, flute, guitar and can paint beautifully like her mother. Her daughter is someone she can be proud of. She was very happy when God gave her a life that she deserves, and a man that will love her for the rest of her life.

Sunday afternoon, she and her family went out to the art gallery to see an art exhibit. While she was wondering around, she saw a beautiful painting that looks like her own portrait. She was shocked on how amazing it is, that really looks like her, carrying a child.

Suddenly a man tapped her shoulder. She gazed at him as if he was someone who came out of the grave! Then her family came along, and she introduced him to them and he said, "Is it OK if I take you all out?" "Sure," she said, calmly.

They all went out and enjoyed a terrific evening. She was there sitting smiling to both men she had ever loved and said, "I hope this will last forever."

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