She Would Even Die For Him - Visitor's Love Story

by Lexi

This story is about my closest and bestest friend in the universe and what she did for her true love...(kind of long but please read it if you can...)

Emily walked into her 3rd period class Tuesday morning with a casual mood on. She came and sat down in her regular seat and noticed that someone that she didn't know was sitting in the desk next to her.

"Hi, my name is Emily," Emily, the nicest person that I've ever met, greeted the new student in ease.

"Hi, I'm Chris," The new kid replied. Chris was the new kid. He was very charming and Emily was very interested in him. She thought he had beautiful, brown eyes and he had perfectly cut hair.

"So, are you new here?" Emily asked. She was always the type of person to question everything but that's why a lot of people liked her as a person.

"Yeah, I just recently moved here from Oklahoma," he answered very politely.

"Wow, that's really far from here. So how are you liking it down here in Arizona? It's pretty warm here, huh?" Emily questioned once more.

"Arizona is great! I love the atmosphere and weather. And I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon...of course to tour it, not to jump into the ACTUAL canyon!" They both laughed. Chris had such a great sense of humor and Emily loved that about him.

"Well, hope you get to like this school a lot more!" Emily finished as she smiled a cute, flirty smile at him.

Chris smiled back. You could really tell that he liked her and she liked him back. But they didn't admit it to each other.

Later that day at lunch, Emily and I got in line to buy our lunches. Emily was unusually quiet.
"Is there something wrong?" I asked Emily in worry.

"No, what makes you say that?" Emily answered with her "in-love" face on.

Emily was my most bestest friend and of course I knew her so well.

"You're in love with somebody!" I said in a sing-song voice.

"Psst! I'm not in love with anybody!" Emily said half choked.

I just stared at her with a huge grin on my face. I knew she was in love and she knew it as well.
"Okay fine, I'm in love... but how did you know?" Emily asked in wonder.

"Dude! We're best friends forever and always!" I said in excitement.

"And you know it!" Emily replied. We laughed as we gave each other hugs.

"So who's the secret guy?" I was so curious. I just wanted to know who it was!

"The new guy!" Emily had such a big smile on her face. It was as if she was his girlfriend.

"You like Chris?!" I was so excited yet a little grossed out.

"Shh! Someone might hear you... but yes, I do like him!" Emily said in such an ecstatic voice.

"Oh I'm so happy for you!" It was true. I was happy for her and I wanted her to be happy. After all she was my best friend and I wanted the best for her.

We got our lunches and sat down at a table with all of our other friends. But Emily was totally out of the zone. I noticed and all of our other friends noticed but we didn't say anything because we knew Emily was in love. Our other friends started talking but Emily didn't. Neither did I. I just observed Emily and Chris as they made eye contact and smiled at each other every few minutes even though they sat at different tables. It made me so glad to see Emily crushing on this guy. It made me feel...good about myself and I wasn't absolutely sure why it did, but it did.

A few months passed during the school year, Emily and Chris grew very close to each other. They became such great friends. And as every single day went by, their feelings grew stronger for one another. Then one day, Emily opened up her locker. There was note on the inside. It said:




Emily took the note in her hand and closed her locker. Standing right there was Chris. He was smiling at her with those amazing eyes he had.
"YES!" Emily screamed and jumped into his arms. Emily's wish had finally come true.

They went out hundreds of times but Emily always had time for me. I was so happy for her and I was glad that she never forgot about me. She even invited me to come with her and Chris to movies, shopping and anywhere else that wasn't too romantic so that I wouldn't be left out. But I was never left out and I will never forget how generous Emily was.

Finally it was the night. The night to remember. Prom Night. Emily and I were extremely excited. It was our junior prom so of course we would spend almost all night doing our hair, makeup, and everything else. She came over to my house and we had the best time ever. I will never forget that night we were hanging out together.

We heard the doorbell ring and we knew right away that it was our dates. We came downstairs and Chris and my boyfriend, Justin, were already waiting for us.

"Beautiful.." Chris and Justin said at the same time.

Everyone laughed. Even my dad. But I was so happy that me and my best friend were going to prom. We've dreamt of this night since we were in 2nd grade. My mom took almost millions of pictures before we left but that didn't matter. I was just happy to be with my best friend and boyfriend.

At prom, we danced all night long and we boogie-ed to the music! We all had a blast. And finally the moment we've be waiting for. The announcing of Prom King and Queen.

"And the Prom Queen is....Emily Johnson!" the announcer said.

Everyone cheered. Especially me. I was so proud of her. I practically cried. But Justin held me close to stop the tears.

"And her lucky Prom King is....Chris Reynolds!" the announcer said once again.

Everyone cheered as loudly as they could. I was so happy as the cutest couple danced there under the disco ball. It seemed as if they were the only ones on the floor. It seemed as if...they were in heaven.

The next day was Saturday. Chris and Emily were walking to Starbucks on a windy day. They were downtown in the city so there were busy streets and they had to walk on the sidewalks. The Starbucks they went to was an outdoors one so they stood in line waiting for their turn. While they were waiting, Chris looked deeply into Emily's eyes and said "I love you." Emily was astonished yet calm at the same time. "I love you too...and you know what? I would do ANYTHING for you!" Chris smiled at her again. They meant what they said and gave each other the most longest and meaningful kiss ever.

They were next in line so as Chris opened his backpack to get his money, tons of papers flew out into the street.

"Oh great!" Chris said in a sarcastic voice. He was mad but he just decided to get them anyway. He started picking them up on the sidewalk near them when Emily said, "I will get these ones on the sidewalk so you can get them out in the street."

"Okay...thanks you're a great girlfriend." Chris kissed her on the forehead as he looked left, right then left again and made sure there were no cars coming. He ran into the street and started picking up the papers that flew out. As Emily finished picking up the last piece of paper, she looked up and saw a large bus coming. She looked back down as if it were nothing but looked back up and realized that it was coming at lightening speed. She looked at Chris, who was still gathering papers, then looked back at the truck and finally came to her senses.

"CHRIS! LOOK OUT!" Emily screamed at the top of her lungs.

Chris didn't notice the truck but looked at his girlfriend with a confused look on his face. She saw that he wasn't going to move out of the way, so she did the unthinkable. She ran out into the street as fast as she could and pushed him onto the other side of the street where he was safe. She fell on the street as Chris started to get up and brush the dirt off of his clothes. He looked up barely before Emily shakily started to stand. Chris saw her, then the truck... but his legs were numb and he couldn't move them at all. He wanted to save her so badly but his legs were holding him back. Emily looked up and before she knew it... she was hit by the truck.

The next week was Emily's funeral. All of Emily's friends and family were there. The priest said his prayers and blessed Emily. Then, one by one, each one of Emily's relatives and friends came and blessed her with holy water. I blessed her with all my heart and as I blessed her, I remembered the last night we were together... prom night.

Chris was the last one to bless her. He gently placed his hand on her left cheek as she lay in her coffin. He kissed her on the nose and whispered his last words to her "You're one in a million and I love you forever and always." He walked towards Emily's family with tears in his eyes.

Everyone went outside for the burial. As Emily's coffin was lowered into the ground, Chris closed his eyes and remembered all of the good times they had together and that last day that they were together. After her coffin was buried, Emily's parents walked up to Chris and gave him a folded up note. They told him that she wrote it just for him. They walked back to their car crying and I gave Chris one more last hug as I walked with my parents back to our car crying my eyes out. Chris opened up the folded note and it said:




It started to rain as Chris folded the note back up, put it in his pocket and cried as he walked all the way back home.

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May 10, 2011
All good
by: frank reilly


Just read your story. It was very touching and very well written. You have a real talent for writing dialogue. I think you could become a very successful writer if you endeavored to pursue that as a career.

Anyway, I enjoyed your short story very much. Lots of luck to you in whatever you do.

Sincerely...Francis X. Reilly (Frank)

Mar 17, 2010
A touching love story
by: Fion

Hi Lexi, thanks so much for taking time to write out this love story of your best friend. It must have hurt a lot to lose someone so dear. Emily was such a loving and beautiful soul to have loved so deeply and even willing to sacrifice her own life to save her love from harm's way. May you continue to hold onto the most beautiful and wonderful memories of your time shared together and may Emily's courage give you the courage to live out your life the best way you can.

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