She Reached Up For Me - Visitor's Funny Love Poem

by Francis X. Reilly (Corky Pflegmhocker)
(Williamsport, PA, U.S.A.)

The day I told her I was leaving her
was a cold and cheerless day in my life.
When I leaned close to her,
and in a voice trembling with emotion,
whispered, "It's all over between us,"
her eyes rolled all up in her head
and she slumped to the sidewalk
like a limp rag-doll
who'd suddenly lost her footing.

"NO!" she pleaded through her tears
as she reached up for me.
Sensing her discomfort, I quickly added,
"Well...gotta run."
But then as I turned and started walking away,
she raised herself slightly and broke wind.
"Excuse me," she sobbed.
"What...I didn't hear anything,"
I answered, as I hurried on my way.

Copyright Francis X. Reilly 2011

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