Romantic Picnic Ideas by Site Visitors

Here's a collection of romantic picnic ideas submitted by site visitors. Picnics seem to work the magic for many people. Whether as first date ideas or subsequent dates, this is one test-and-proven popular idea!

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"It's spring time and he makes their first date for 5:30pm, knowing she doesn't get off until 5:00. He picks her up and they drive to a small public park. He gets a basket out of the car and they walk to a spot under a huge tree. He gives her a bouquet of wild flowers he picked himself and has everything needed for the date in the basket. They spread a blanket on the ground and turn the radio on low. They talk, laugh, ask and answer questions about each other, munch on snacks and listen to music. When it's time to go, they gather everything and he drives her back to her car. He walks her to her car, kisses her on the cheek and says, "I'll call you tomorrow if it's ok". She tells him, "I'd like that." He calls later that night and she is so excited."

"A wonderful date idea is a picnic. It might not be the best first date, but once a small connection is established, with trust, take the girl out to an isolated area of a public park, lay out a blanket, and bring drinks and snacks of your choice. A time around dusk or sunset is probably best, and warm weather is preferable. Enjoy the conversation and nature, and a good time will be had by all."

Submitted by: Anna Cameron (USA)
"When I was wooing my girlfriend, one day I called her up out of the blue and asked if she was free for the afternoon. She said she was, so I ran over to her apartment with a bouquet of daisies (a favorite of hers) and a picnic basket. I knew of a part of town with many old bridges and sweet buildings along a river, so I took her there. I spread out the picnic on a hill overlooking the river - champagne, truffles, sliced fruit with whipped cream - and it was so perfectly romantic. She was delighted that I had been so spontaneous!"

"This is my idea, you can take it or leave it as you please. I was told it would be fun to rent a uhaul trailer, they're inexpensive for a day. Drive it out to a really cool place, somewhere beautiful. Maybe a cliff or something along those lines. Have a picnic table set up in the back, and then just eat your picnic out there. It sounds kind of lame, but they have told me that it works quite well."

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