Romantic Ideas for Married Couples
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Here's a collection of romantic ideas for married couples shared by other married site visitors.

Browse through these ideas and see how you can use them to work in some romance into your married life.

Romantic memorable moments don't have to be based on expensive treats or once-in-lifetime experiences. You can always take time with your spouse to creatively think of different ways to connect with each other by making use of available resources.

If you have a romantic idea to share with other married couples, be sure to share it with us here.

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""One time I got off work early while my wife was out of the house. I ran over to Wal-mart and picked up a big (inexpensive) bag of tea-light candles, a nice vase and some flowers, and a CD of romantic music. I hid the car so she didn't know that I had made it back home before her. When she came into the house she was greeted by a couple hundred gently burning candles (including some of the floating ones in the sinks and tub), a vase of roses, gentle music, and a cuddly hubby. I think she liked it."

"My wife and myself like to take road trips and on the first one that we took together we visited a nearby beach town. While at the beach we did the typical beach combing as we walked along the shore picking up some lovely sea shells for souvenirs. In the weeks following the trip I would write little notes inside the shells and leave them around for her to find."

"A romantic night in... I try at least once a month, to shower my husband with attention. I get the kids out of the house before he get home from work. I spend the day pampering myself and getting pretty for him. I find that after 10 years of marriage, you need to have some couple alone time. I fix him his favorite dinner and decorate the table with flowers and candles to set a romantic tone. After dinner we give each other hot oil massages in front of the fireplace. After the massages we jump into the hot tub or shower and get a little frisky. The fun is drawing out the foreplay. I like to just lavish him with my attention. He loves it."

"My husband and I have been married for almost twenty years now but I will never forget the most romantic things we've ever done. We have a beautiful fireplace in the living room and one evening last winter the electricity went out, which meant no TV and no PC (yikes!), so we laid down a blanket in front of the fireplace and just laid there on our sides talking about random things. It will always be one of my most memorable moments with him."

"I am a married man. First I have to love my wife then only can I get into a romantic mood. We have to love each other. Before going to my job everyday, I give a kiss to my wife. If I do it daily, it'll keep her feeling young every day. I have to keep myself clean-shaven to maintain a pleasant look. Mostly, I give a romantic gift to my wife on her birthday and on Valentine's Day. That way, she'll feel very happy. Everyday, we feel like a young married couple. By doing this, you'll also feel like your life is also very happy."

"Here is a romantic idea for you. If your husband is a sports enthusiast, get two tickets to a local sports game you think he will like. Get a sitter for the kids. Go root for the home team. Buy lots of souvenirs and hot dogs and beer, and do not worry about the costs. Then get a room for after the game and enjoy some quality time together without the kids. Your husband will be thrilled with your sudden interest in sports and the affirmation that you care enough to do something he likes with him."

"Women want to be heard and want their feelings validated. Sometimes it does not take something extravagant with lots of planning to be romantic. You can plan & purchase or cook dinner (AND Clean the kitchen afterwards). A man can do the laundry AND put it away. Perhaps helping with housework is one of the most caring, romantic things a man can do especially if he has a bottle of wine and some cute simple flowers and have a Chick Flick Video rented for his woman. She can sip on wine and enjoy her flowers while he cooks dinner. Then they can watch the movie together. It takes a little bit of patience and recognition for a woman to feel loved and romanced."

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