Romantic Ideas for Boyfriend
by Site Visitors

Here's a collection of romantic ideas for boyfriend submitted by site visitors.

If you want to spoil your boyfriend or to make him feel extra special, try out one or all of these ideas! Feel free to add in your personal twist to personalize these ideas.

If you have an original creative or romantic idea to share with other women so they can wow their boyfriends, please share your idea here.

Submitted by: April T. (USA)
"I think the sweetest thing you can do for your boyfriend is to cook his favorite dinner and plan something that he likes to do. First, find out what his favorite drink, entree, and dessert are. Then, plan a night to cook it for him. You can do this either at your house or at his. It doesn't take too much money and it really shows him how much you care. My mom always said the way to a man's heart was though his stomach. Then for after dinner fun, you can play Wii and sing with him or get one of his favorite games and make an effort to play it. Guys love that. Or, you can suggest a game of catch in the backyard, like football. Then you get to wrestle!"

Submitted by: Claire (Michigan, USA)
"Take your boyfriend to the racetrack. Be sure to bring blanket not only so you could possibly snuggle together, but just in case all the wind really does get you cold. But, your main objective is beyond that of snuggling under blanket. As you are seated at the racetrack, playfully imitate all the rhythms, roars and noises from the engines as shakes or embraces across the shoulder, arm, or knee. You needn't be too over-the-top, just enough to get his attention early in the race. Occasionally, reintroduce this enough times to get his ear. Don't try to say anything fancy, it will be far too loud, just kiss him.

Guys will like this because it integrates three things that appeal to their virility: power, sports, and women (you!)."

"Guys don't tend to be romanced by words, but by actions. Because of this, pamper him on an ordinary day (it intensifies the feelings of love because you are doing it "just because you love him" instead of waiting for a special occasion) by telling him to lay down on a comfortable surface and close his eyes. Then give him a full body rub without skimping on the time you rub his aching muscles. By having him close his eyes, it intensifies his other senses. He will definitely know that you love him after this one."

"Find a park somewhere that has a gazebo, stage, or similar structure. The place must have electricity that you can use. Also, find out what your boyfriend's favorite comedy movie is. Tell your boyfriend you found a theater that is playing his favorite movie and you are taking him there. Drive to the park with a TV/VCR combo or a portable DVD player and surprise him with a movie-for-two in the park. The best time to do this is after dark, and it's best if it's cold outside so you can bring blankets and pillows. If it's cold, he'll like you snuggling up to him for warmth."

"I always make my boyfriend lunch when he goes to work. One time I made his lunch up and stuck a note in-between his sandwiches, telling him how much I love him. I got a call lunch time from a very happy guy. Obviously this shouldn't be used too often or the effect wont be the same."

"Fix your boyfriend his favorite meal - whatever he likes. Of course there will be candles and romantic music playing. After dinner, sit together on the couch or on big pillows on the floor. Get out pictures of the two of you from past dates and special events. Take time to reminisce and tell your boyfriend how you felt about him in all the pictures. It would be great if you could show a progression of your love through pictures. Tell him what you were thinking in each photo and how special he was to you at that time."

"My idea is to wear sexy lingerie and have a steamy night with your boyfriend. All males love this kind of night. Give him a coupon of you doing whatever he wants and he will love it."

"One easy and inexpensive gift idea would be a romantic mix CD. Think of the song that was playing when you first met. Or the song you both sang to during the road trip. Make it fun and include music you know that he would like to listen to but that he may not have in his library. Nowadays there are many programs to help you place graphics on the CD or to print your own custom sleeve. Little touches ilke these will help make the gift unique, personal, and let him know you were thinking of him as you made it."

"When my boyfriend was deployed to Iraq, I was looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. I wanted to get him something really romantic that would bring us close together. So I had the idea of naming a star after both of us. He loved it! It came with a map - so he was able to find the star and I also got him binoculars. Every day night, we both would look at our star."

"Make him breakfast in bed. When he's finished, clear it away and come back with a check looking something like this:

2x eggs scrambled - 1 hug
2x bacon - 1 kiss
2x toast - 1 kiss

Total = 2x kiss
1x hug"

"When she is going to another city for work, she would tell her boyfriend that she has a lot of work so she'll be back after 10 days. But in truth, she has only 3 days work. When she comes back after 3 days, she'll call him up and tell him how much she misses him and wishes she could be with him right now. Knowing that he'll be home that day, she'll turn up at his doorstep with a bottle of champagne and some of his favorite takeaway. Totally surprising him and enjoying the evening together."

"On my boyfriend's birthday, I would get a hold of a picture of his parents, blow it up and frame it. Then I would give it to the parents with a note saying, 'Thank you for bringing an angel into this world!'"

"You can decorate his apartment/room with lots of rose petals and have chocolate hearts leading up to the bed. Also, put on his favorite music and wear something that you know he would like. I would also have incense burning in the background too."

"When I started going out with my boyfriend (now husband), I was not working so I didn't have a lot of money. But I still wanted to give him something special for Valentine's Day. So I picked my favorite, most romantic songs and wrote my favorite line from the lyrics to create a card for him. Then I downloaded all the songs I had taken the lines from and made a CD for him. I think he liked the fact that I took the time to make it for him. I know I'm corny and lame, but I'm a sentimental romantic... what can I say!"

"Surprise your boyfriend after a hard day's work with a romantic movie night in. Rent the movie you saw together on your first date, or just one of his favorites, and have it ready in the DVD player for when he gets home. Make his favorite snacks, or put some popcorn in a bucket just like at the movie theater. Pour a couple of glasses of wine, especially if the movie is a romantic one. My favorite romantic comedy is Fever Pitch, starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Then just snuggle up together under the blanket, press play, and enjoy!"

"While waiting for your boyfriend to arrive home, leave a trail of rose petals starting from the door. Have them arranged so as to lead him to different rooms and areas significant to him. At each area, put a little note telling him why you love and desire him. Try to have the note relate to things that might be around that particular area. Finally, lead him to the bedroom and give him the time of his life!"

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