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If you're looking for some creative romantic gift ideas that you can use to make your beloved happy, browse through these ideas submitted by site visitors.

These ideas will serve as your springboard to come up with your own creative gift idea that amaze the one you love.

A romantic gift doesn't have to be an expensive one. A touch of personalization will add to the charm of the gift greatly, and let the recipient feel your loving consideration and efforts you've poured into creating that gift.

There's such pleasure in both giving and receiving. A gift given with loving intentions conjure beautiful feelings of love where the receiver feels so adored and complimented. Put some efforts into your gift-giving and see the face of your love brightens up!

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"A great romantic gift for the woman in your life is to purchase a pearl on your anniversary (of your wedding or the date you started dating, etc.) each year. After several years, she will be able to have a beautiful necklace strung and you both will have years of memories to share."

"My fiance loves woodworking. I scoured flea markets and garage sales to find old hand tools and an old toolbox. I restored the toolbox and outfitted it with the tools. Might not be romantic for everyone, but it worked for him!"

"In my opinion, a romantic gift can be almost anything. It should be a gift given from your heart, to your recipient who will absolutely love it. Stereotypically, to some men this may be an over the top gift such as season tickets for his favorite team, or a divine meal.

The most romantic gift I received was a week long luxurious cruise from my husband (then boyfriend.)

On a more practical level, I love my husband's sense of blending our own traditions with something new. He gives me roses every year on my birthday, which is a tribute to our time together, but then something new and unexpected, like a purse I wanted."

"Making a custom, pop-up card is an easy and inexpensive gift for a spouse or romantic partner. The card can be as big as you want it to be, and you can use construction paper, poster board, or any other materials you wish. You can make pop-up shapes and figures with glue and paper. Be creative! Use glitter, heart cut-outs, markers, etc. To add a loving touch, include inside jokes, heart-felt poems, or words of encouragement."

Submitted by: Trinitaria Bonilla (United States)
"My romantic gift idea is, get a beautiful gold or silver pen for your boyfriend. This pen should have your name and his name written on it. For example, Laura and Charlie. If your boyfriend works in an office, he will love this gift. In addition to that, if your boyfriend is a writer he will appreciate this gift. You are giving him the opportunity to think about the two of you while he works or writes for pleasure."

Submitted by: R.Sadhasivam (India)
"The pendant accompanied by all handwritten notes of love from you can sweep her off the floor. Girls usually love such jewelry and with your personal touch of love notes, she'll definitely love it."

"Make your boyfriend a Weekend Out Kit. Make it personal to him. For instance, include a bottle of his favorite drink, tickets to a concert or game, maybe a chance to indulge in his favorite activity such as going fishing, and then top it with a dinner at home."

"Chocolate is the ultimate romantic treat, but another rich, brown, sweet substance that can be just as romantic is carob. Homemade or purchased carob treats are delicious and healthy and show that you care."

"One romantic gift I like to give, is to buy a small MP3 player (around 1 gig) and fill it with personal songs you've shared with your loved one, or songs that just remind you of them. So that way when they listen to it, they're reminded of you."

"Submitted by: Joenny (USA)
"Buy a notebook and write down song parts that remind you of them. Make sure it's songs they don't know and genres they're not really into. It's a way to get them to listen to new music you're interested in, by showing them that they make you think of them. I did it for my girlfriend, and she loved it. she even cried reading it. It's super cheap, but time consuming. Definitely worth it."

"I wanted my boyfriend to send me a letter when I was away at college, but he's not a confident writer. Instead, he sent me a series of four postcards where each one was a piece of a collage he made. I put them together like a puzzle and hung the result on my wall."

"I like to write down how much I love a person. So while my boyfriend was over in Italy for 4 months I kept a journal of my thoughts of how I felt when he was away. I gave it to him as a christmas present and he enjoyed it. I left little Post It notes inside and I drew photos, I had a great time writing it and I hope that he cherishes it forever."

"Not many people have their names engraved in stone and that's what makes that a terrific, romantic compliment for someone. Giving that special person a rock that says something like "John loves Jane" or "Jane's Garden" is different and shows that you've thought about the person enough to go out of your way to design and order a unique gift. Go online to find places that will engrave a stone with your sentiment on a size stone you select."

"There are tons of picture frames out there that you can put a photo of you and your significant other in, but those get generic. Why not make your own? It is pretty easy, cheap, and shows that you care a bit more than those pre-made frames. I made one for my girlfriend and me for our anniversary. If you are good at scrapbooking or anything of that nature it will be a breeze. Look for ideas on the internet."

"I decided to count the number of things that my boyfriend had done for me one day, and after coming up with 16 things (like giving me a ride in the car, calling a friend, etc.) I decided to reward him with 16 romantic kisses at the end of the day."

"Women are typically described as wooed by chocolate and roses. Yet I always found it offensive to receive a bunch of flowers about to die, with the expectation that I try to keep them alive as a sign of my love to him. Chocolate is wonderful, but some men cut back on the gifts by giving only the flowers. My most romantic gift was a bouquet of chocolate roses. Each was wrapped like a rose in bright red foil on a green "stem". It looked like a bouquet, but was deliciously edible. Better yet, it could be put in a vase and displayed. The foil has the benefit of protecting each chocolate, letting you eat off it for one to two weeks, if you don't eat them all in one sitting. A bouquet of chocolate roses is a romantic display she will enjoy both visually and gastronomically. And unlike the "real" flowers, these don't have to be watered, although a side of wine would be nice."

"The most romantic gift that I got was a dozen roses on February 14. I would get a single rose each day after the 14th. So I would get one a day. I would get them up until March 9 which is my birthday. Roses don't last long so the roses that died would be replaced with fresh roses. So in the end I got 24 roses on my birthday. Since it would be 24 days. That does not include the ones that had to be replaced. So in the end I got six dozen roses. I thought that it was the most romantic thing ever."

"One day I gave a girlfriend a glass rose. I told her that instead of buying her real flowers this one would not die and would last forever just like my love for her. She thought it was the sweetest thing in the world. It scored me huge points... it almost set the bar too high!"

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