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Submitted by: Prema Michael (India)
"Your fiancé is to visit you this evening. You want to give him a nice surprise. First you set the ambience. Both you and your fiancé are very creative people and have earned quite a name for yourselves for your drawings and paintings. Both love the exotic and have a spirit of adventure. You transform your room into an intimate Japanese style room. You dress yourself up as a geisha. When your fiancé is announced, you demurely welcome him and to his astonishment and delight, you entertain him in the geisha fashion until the two of you cannot hold back your laughter and fall into each other’s arms!"

Submitted by: Saravanan (India)
"Take your beloved to the terrace and surprise her with dinner comprising of all menus that she would love to eat on a full moon day. Full moon creates a romantic mood above that along with your lover, no words to explain the delight and pleasure. After dinner, surprise her with a gift along with sweet kisses :) You can also play all love games that you would know and make her feel all the more romantic."

"Romance brings down all the forgotten pleasure into you. Invite your date to a dinner where you have to settle in a quiet place (pre-planned). Give her a gift that you know she'll like. If possible, give her a gentle kiss (it will do a lot). Praise her by saying something about her smile and eyes. A low voice would suit the atmosphere. Imagine you're in a room full of great celebrities, where you and your date are part of this celebrity circle and treat her like a big star, and let her feel all adored!"

"My romantic evening may be a little less maintenance than others. My significant other and I would take a trip to the video store, rent a romantic comedy and a horror movie. Then we would get take out from our favorite restaurant. We would pick up something sweet for later to share like ice cream or cookies to bake. After we get home we would shower up, eat our dinner and watch our movies. It was always a great way to relax and be together at the same time. Popcorn and candy was sometimes in the mix, just depends on what you like. Snuggling up on the couch with your sweetie and a good movie, it sounds romantic to me."

"My idea of a romantic date is a trip to the beach in the evening. A bottle of wine, some cheese and a big blanket on which to lay on and look at the stars would be perfect. Beaches are places where people can be themselves and relax. Looking up at the stars in the sky would open up a dialogue because you can see so many different things in the sky. As the evening ends, the two people would definitely know more about each other and then decide when to come back to the beach!"

"I feel as if I am a romantic person and I have come up with some cute ideas. I always wanted to have a romantic dinner with a small table and tall candles and shiny silverware and a friend as a host or waitress. But I want the setting to be on top of a hill overlooking a city or the country side. Just me and my mate is ideal and have a blanket to the side of the table with desserts and champagne and more candles scattered around the grass. This would be perfect for a night time scene."

Submitted by: Joshua Hopkins (United States)
"Ask a friend if you can use their house for a romantic evening with your significant other. Once they agree shop around for Chinese decorative items: table cloth, plates, chop sticks, glasses. Then (this is really important) buy a Chinese paper lantern but instead of using a normal light or candle, find some icicle lights left over from Christmas and string them across the ceiling and drop a few strands into the lantern. This provides soft lighting and helps keep a romantic atmosphere.

Make a mix CD of her favorite songs, preferably love and slow songs so it doesn't ruin the mood. Either order take-out and have it ready or already start preparing a home cooked meal, so you only have the finishing touches left once you get there.

Then tell her you are taking her to a party or some other place that she may not really want to go to but will because she wants to be with you. Make sure she has no clue about the setup. Then once you get to your friend's house, she'll be surprised.

I did this in high school and it took a lot of work to pull off."

Submitted by: Betty (New York, NY, USA)
"Mix it up with some mixed drinks!

Some nights after work I meet my boyfriend at a bar across the street from our apartment (we live together, been together for a while now) and pretend to just meet for the first time. He buys me drinks, I flirt, and we continue to hit on each other, joke around, and get tipsy all night. Then we stumble across the street and I "take him home with me." It's a fun way to mix up the daily routine and remember what it was like to have crushes on each other."

"Romantic things to do for you and your lover. Being in love is a great feeling. Take your sweetie to NYC or Los Angeles, somewhere where the lights are VERY bright at night.

Stay in a beautiful hotel facing the lights and make sure the windows are facing the city, no need for candles, or lights, since the room will be shining from all of the city lights. Open the windows and make the room cold, turn on the air conditioner and open the windows, with the midnight air and the cold air blowing from the air conditioner. Very cold and sexy.

Face the bed towards the windows and *if you have enough money*, place nothing but $100 bills all over the bed and make sweet passionate love on top of the money.

To me, this has always been my fantasy. It is a metaphor, saying forget about everything, forget about the lights, money, and let's just get it on!"

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