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Running out of romantic date ideas to surprise your date? Here's a collection of date ideas submitted by site visitors.

Feel browse to look through these ideas and apply them to your love life! It might be just what you need to bring a greater level of romance into your relationship.

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"I'm a romantic, I have all these ideas on my head, but I guess that the best romantic idea I'm thinking at the moment is that me and my current partner, are getting a relaxing massage in a resort spa that is so expensive. So expensive that the customers they have at that time would only be us."

"After a busy day, it is sometimes difficult to find the energy for romance. One idea is to bathe your partner. Prepare the tub for your loved one by cleaning the bathroom, lighting candles, and drawing the bath with warm water. Help your partner into the tub and then proceed to wash their naked body. Make sure to massage their scalp while you wash his or her hair. The bathed party will be able to relax and feel refreshed. The bather will have the visual feast of viewing the bare body of their loved one, and the emotional connection that comes when caring for your partner."

"Including your pets in a date can be a creative way to create a new memory. My boyfriend and I love our dogs. After one particularly rough week at work, he surprised me with a great date! He planned a picnic for me, him, and our two dogs. He made and packed lunch and drinks for all of us. He took us on a short hike, while lugging all the food. Then, while we ate, he gave me a beautiful photo frame full of photos of the dogs and him over the years we've been together. It was so romantic, and so unique!"

"I think that a great date idea would involve staying in on a cold day. I make sure my sweetie and I have everything we need so that we don't have to go out for anything. This would include two or three movies, a great meal, and snacks and cocoa to last us through out the day. You can also decide the location of your date. You can choose from the bedroom or the living room's sofa. Make sure to have a warm blanket to snuggle under."

"Ahhh romance. A great way to fan the flames of love would be to have a love treasure hunt. First cut up several little hearts out of colorful paper. Next draw a map of your home. Write clues of on your hearts regarding where the next heart will be. As your mate goes from one to the other, leave little trinkets or photos that will remind them of your time together. The last one will, of course, lead to you."

"An interesting possibility for a romantic getaway or first date might be your consideration for visiting Mackinaw Island in northern Michigan near St. Ignace. You can arrange for accommodations at the Grand Hotel and dinner as well. Rent the DVD "Somewhere in Time", then put yourselves in another world. No vehicles are allowed but you can grab a buggy ride to indulge the sites or rent a tandem bike and explore the island at your leisure. You catch a ferry to reach your destination and the view and the scenery is magnificent. If you wish to create a lasting impression, it's hard to go wrong there, you will most certainly create a lifetime memory."

"If you haven't said "I love you" yet, try this idea. Find a woody area with bushes, buy battery-operated Christmas lights, and arrange them in a bush in a way that spells out "I love you." Either that evening, or the next day, take your partner on a hike, and end up at the bush with the Christmas lights and turn them on."

"An idea is do something outside both of your comfort zones. Experience something new together. My boyfriend and I went to a symphony because we were never really into that kind of music. We both found a new appreciation for it, and it is now a tradition."

"If you and your sweetie are forced to spend too much time away from each other due to busy schedules or long distance it's a great idea to start a journal together. One partner writes thoughts, worries, feelings or lovey-dovey notes and then passes it off to the other. You can set a schedule to exchange notes such as daily, once or twice a week, or every time you visit. Your love will be reignited when you feel like high-school sweethearts passing notes in class. The journal will become a keepsake that allows you to peek into each other's hearts and always know how the other is feeling."

"I'd call it original, maybe some would call it unconventional. I think that a great idea is skydiving, having done it myself. It gives a great positive rush and is great for bonding with your partner. It is something intense and adventurous which is totally outside of the bedroom (for most). I would highly recommend it, and I think it is very romantic (IF you both want to do it!).

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