Romantic Birthday Ideas

Looking for some romantic birthday ideas to surprise your beloved? You'll find a collection of ideas submitted by site visitors below.

Birthdays offer you chances to shower your partner or spouse with romance, gifts and surprises. It's a special day to celebrate their existence and importance in your life, so be sure to get some ideas to ensure your birthday idea will be well-received!

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"Making a "coupon book" for your significant other is always a hit! You can choose how you want to make it: romantic, sexy or both! A coupon book is something you can make for free, and it keeps on giving long after the birthday is over. Some classic coupon ideas are: "One dinner for two at your favorite restaurant on me", "A cozy night-in with the movie of your choice", or you can make it sexual: "A full-body massage from me", "A bubble bath together"."

"Here is an idea for a romantic, simple, and low-budget birthday. Prepare a special meal (as a surprise) for your significant other, and then invite them on a bike ride to the park (if it is nice outside-- for a wintertime birthday, perhaps you could take them snowshoeing). Choose a location that is outdoors, semi-private (or at least, not packed with other people), and preferably with some beautiful scenery. Anyplace near the ocean, a lake, or in the forest would be perfect. Keep the meal a surprise if you can-- once you get to your destination, surprise your love with your culinary present, and be prepared to enjoy a lovely meal and romantic time together!"

"Well, you try taking a black and white picture of your loved one, then transfer it to your computer and using layers, paint only certain areas with color like lips for example. This will give the picture a very artistic side. Then you can print it in a considerable size, and then frame it with a black elegant frame. Wrap it up and show it to your loved, he or she will be very surprised because you're showing your artistic side. It will enlighten your softer side, besides he or she will be very excited on the fact that you worked on it alone."

Submitted by: Karla (United States)
"Here is an idea for a romantic birthday, if your special someone happens to be a pet lover. Take him or her to a pet shop or breeder that sells the kind of animal they like, and you can both pick out that special new friend. Make sure the place where you take her/him sells the kind of animal you are looking for. Every time she/he plays with the new puppy will bring up a fond memory for many years to come."

"During the first several months that my boyfriend and I dated, he fascinated me with stories about his travels across the country, to Europe, and beyond. I had never been out of the Midwest. I knew he had been planning my birthday present for a long time, but when I opened it up I was puzzled: it was just a picture of some buildings. However, his explanation put everything into place. He told me that the picture was a representation of a trip that we would go on for my birthday; I could pick where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, how long we stayed. I have never received a more thoughtful birthday present in my life."

Submitted by: Barbara (England)
"A romantic birthday would be a surprise weekend in Paris/France. Booking a hotel with a show on the night in a theater. Arriving Friday for the weekend by flight as it is quicker and not so tiring. Have champagne and flowers in the room when we arrive to get this marvelous weekend off to a lovely start."

Submitted by: Susi Bainard (Canada)
"I would start months in advance for one thing. I would begin thinking about what my honey spends his day doing, and make lists of things I could get/buy/make that might make his day better. I would pick a number special to him, maybe his age. And that would be the number of gifts I would focus on. Each gift should be spaced throughout out the days, so each time he thinks, "Ooh! This MUST be the last one!"

One present should be extra nice, but all the others can be small and silly if your squeeze like that kind of thing. Dollar stores are good sources for those little things. Examples might be a new coffee mug at breakfast with a sweet thought printed on it. Then a new key fob for the drive to work. Perhaps a new CD in the car for the drive as well. A pen and pad of paper for work perhaps? If you are the creative type, you could rubber stamp the pad to make it really personal.

If you want to save on wrapping paper, you can spend the night before sneaking all the items into the spots they will find. Your sweety will be tickled you spent so much time prepping. Otherwise wrap them all and give them before they will be needed. And don't be shy! Maybe you can ask friends/family/co-workers to help hide things or leave presents in places you can't get to for some reason.

It's not as hard as it sounds, if you start thinking well in advance. Once you start the process it seems to get easier and more fun as you go along. Not only will the birthday person be able to see how much you think of them, but you may even learn some things about your darling in the mean time! And that is really the best birthday present of all."

"Nothing says romantic birthday like a well-planned kidnapping. Make reservations at a favorite restaurant (it need not be an expensive place) and pre-pack a picnic hamper with appetizers, two glasses, and a bottle of wine (those need not be expensive, either). Meet your loved one and explain that he or she is being kidnapped. Drive to a favorite public place (park, landmark, etc.) and enjoy the wine and appetizers. Throw your clueless loved one back in the car and head to the restaurant. The surprise factor will ensure a very happy and romantic evening."

"For one of my exes, I made him a new comforter by sewing together just regular fabrics and soft felt. On the front of it, I got fabric paint and painted across it all the words that described him. It took a long time, but he was quite satisfied."

"The classics are always the best. Every girl dreams of nice silk sheets, rose petals scattered around the room and of course some nice wine. Treat her like a princess! And don't forget the simple "I love you", and make sure you're sincere. She'll feel amazing because of it."

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