Random Thoughts of Urgent Love - Visitor's Passionate Love Poem

by Richard Feynman
(San Francisco, CA, US)

As softest night embraces loves flame within its loving dark
And leaves upon my soul and loins its bright and burning mark
In sleep my passionate desire will rise and rage anew
While love and loins and heart and soul reach out through space to you

30,000 feet above pale earth your accelerating breath still pulses in my ear
The urgent memory of your soft moan stirs my blood beyond control
The window view recalls standing in doors of more fragile craft
And leaping into ecstatic free fall embracing the totality of earth and sky

and again, leaping into ecstatic free fall, into the endless depth of my desire…

…for you

I love you, deeply, wildly, physically, and spiritually. I am convinced we selected our basic paths and the major crossroads before we came here. I am sure you and I are meant to experience this exquisite interdelving. We have intended to attain all that can be attained in this incarnation of our spirit in these marvelous, incredible animal vehicles. Being child, adult, parent, lover, loved. We could timidly stay within tight confines and only experience a fraction of our potential, but that was not our plan when we kissed goodbye in spirit, stepped into the door and jumped into this beautiful, terrifying, awe-inspiring Flatland adventure.

Our lips touch sending electric shocks down my spine
Your mouth opens and a portal to an alternative universe of melded pleasure manifests
My lips brush your cheeks, your eyes, your neck while my heart stops
I sink inside you feeling you encase me
I swim in your eyes while moving infinitely slowly within you
I shudder at the exquisite feel of you while your soft moans excite me beyond measure

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