October - Visitor's Sad Love Poem

by Francis X. Reilly (Corky Pflegmhocker)
(Williamsport, PA, U.S.A.)

I stopped and had some coffee
on a cool October morning
at the place I always love to go-
the place with all the windows.

And leaves of each October color
blew about; some here...some there-
while scarecrows, gathered all in circles,
talked of birds, and fields...and snow.

Inside, I sadly pondered
how your love for me had faded.
Like the mist of autumn mornings,
I just turned...and you were gone.

And the broken-hearted scarecrows,
who had gathered all in circles,
offered words of consolation
through their sadness and their tears.

Well...sadly, autumns come and go-
reminders of the dream we dreamed.
Each shattered...like the vow you made...
such temporary things.

Copyright Francis X. Reilly 1999

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May 09, 2011
Enjoyed reading your poems
by: Fion

Hi Francis, thanks so much for sharing several of your love poems with us here! I enjoyed reading what you've written over the years. It's delightful! You have an interesting writing style. Thank you!

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