My Tongue Is Like A Wet Meat Rocket - Visitor's Funny Love Poem

by Francis X. Reilly (Corky Pflegmhocker)
(Williamsport, PA, U.S.A.)

When Mildred Tinkleman kisses me
it's like my mouth just got jammed
into a 220 volt electrical outlet!
With each moist kiss my hair stands up
and my jaw goes slack!

My thickly-coated tongue quivers
in anticipation of those kisses from Paradise,
and when the kissing is over,
it shoots out of my mouth like a wet meat rocket
and hangs limply to either side
like a roll of rancid tongue ham.

Copyright Francis X. Reilly 2008

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Jun 19, 2011
my tongue
by: Anonymous

This poem is most entertaining, and is by anyone's measure, one of the most well-written pieces ever composed by a human being. The author's name fairly screams: "I AM A GENIUS!"
I have committed the poem to memory and have recited it for children at church picnics, at post-eulogy funeral brunches, and most recently at the dedication of a new and shiny Burger King opening on our main street!
"My jaw goes slack..." HA HA HA! "Like a roll of rancid tongue ham!" HA HA HA! I'm giggling like a wounded buffalo just thinking of those comedic lines! Try, if you will, to imagine having a tongue that is likened to a "wet meat rocket" residing inside your mouth. HA HA HA!
MERCY! Let me repeat that exclamation...MERCY!
I can only hope and pray that the brilliant author of this poem will contribute work over and over and over to this website. TELL THE WORLD ABOUT PFLEGMHOCKER!

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