My Only - Visitor's Love Poem

by Phakamani Xulu
(South Africa)

You're my only love, a heart that spells all there is to spell my correction to all my mistakes though I am not a good boylover but I know I came to love and to cherish you not to break your heart and make you feel miserable. You are my only, I can't be lonely since I know I am in love with you though it is difficult to stay honest and trustworthy, for you I will... because you are my last my first. People can talk what they are talking for it's nothing because the love that is shared is between me and you and no one else but you. I am a singer probably you don't know I can write a song about you. The thing is I can't, you're too special for a song and it is best to write you a poem, my only.

Things I have been struggling for, one of them is to stay true to you, I've kissed you, held you but I never felt left out when I'm with you because you're always here to give me courage and strength to believe in me. Though you have been busy, you tend to give the attention which is what I have to understand. I guess I got to do more in order to make you proud, this expresses the fact that it's you who's my only one... that's why in everything you say I'll do because of your love. Your heart, your everything that defines you love me, falling on the ground you picked me up saying we could be together as one like two doves flying up high... it's what I said before you and before God that I love you and that you are my only love, heart and soul...

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