My Heart To Yours - Visitor's Love Poem

by Hannah Louise Williams
(Anderson, Indiana, USA)

What can I say tonight? My heart is heavy. Life is so short, you've reminded me. Any moment could be the last moment I take a breath. Life's ocean has pulled me further into its depths.

Engraved in my memory is your last goodnight. Could I survive if I were left without you for the rest of my life? Reminded only of the deepest, strongest, and truest of love. Here is my heart, undone.

This is when we need to see the sunrise. This is when the sky is caving, and the ground is shaking. I need to divide the truth from lies. Save me from this hurricane.

Sorrow reflects a bleeding soul. Tears seep like a waterfall. Your body's aching, your heart is weary. Please don't let go, though your hope is fading.

Don't drift away. There's a rope that ties my heart to yours. I won't tell you to stay strong when I can't myself. But if you need to fall apart, I'm here waiting for the breakdown.

Please let me hear you say goodnight. I need you to stay with me, be in my life. I offer what I have, the deepest, strongest, truest of love. I'll hold your heart, and stop it from coming undone.

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