My First Love - Visitor's Love Poem

by Anjali

The day my eyes fell on you first, was breezy;
You came in an expedite to class, as your hair flew freely;
I was swept off by that magnificent first sight;
He was the one, echoed my silly thought;
It was like a fairy tale came into reality and I was stunned;
That serene face of yours got imprinted on my mind;
Days passed and I started staring at you, whenever I get a chance;
Not knowing I was into some sort of mental trance;
I started liking whatever you like, forgetting what I need;
I changed myself so that you would give me a little heed
Some times you caught my eyes, leaving me embarrassed;
I felt the real pain of unrequited love as I was ignored;
And one day, you made my heart leapt as you smiled at me;
I still remember that wonderful moment of glee;
You occupied my sleepless nights as I dreamt with my eyes open;
Thinking that you liked me too, but alas I was wrong and waken;
As I came to know, you liked her, more beautiful than me;
I told myself it’s not true and I refused to believe;
The pain was awful and left me with a scar;
Within me I was forced to a tacit war
It was not easy to get over those frozen memories;
I began mending my broken heart with other thoughts;
I was happy for you and want you to be happy always;
I felt you deserved a person like her, as you are too good for me;
As time heals everything, I became a new being;
And life gave me a new meaning;
It’s just infatuation, I've undergone and not real love;
I was too juvenile to discern between the two;
I took a wrong decision in having fallen for you;
Maybe you are not the right guy for me in God’s point of view;
True love would never make you to force a change;
It accepts you, as the real you, whatever you are;
However it is real true, that first love will not be forgotten;
Not as a loss for me, but as the one to strengthen me;
May be, the real one born for me is yet to come
I keep waiting, my fingers crossed for him, his dame

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