My Best Friend, My Kelly - Visitor's Love Poem


My Kelly and I were the BEST of friends since I can remember and we had so much fun, I felt like the Earth and she was my Sun.

She warmed me up everyday and she was my WORLD. Even though I didn't show it all the time I was SO proud she was my girl.

She was the ace up my sleeve, my greatest fan, the RAREST of the rare. I never showed how much I truly loved her or how much I really cared.

She didn't think I had a heart and to some extent neither did I, but as our passion grew for each other she made me feel like I could fly.

And my heart would always shine every time I saw her laugh. We were like two peas in a pod, she was my other half.

She wouldn't believe me, but I used to picture our future together everytime I looked in her warm brown eyes, I just had a hard time expressing myself, I really don't know why.

And then when she looked at me I thought I could do it ALL. She took my fears away; I wasn't afraid to fall.

I always wanted to write and tell her how I felt but I didn't know where to start; now the words are flowing because it's coming straight from my heart.

I know this poem doesn't seem like me and she's probably confused, I've just been feeling emotions I didn't think I had and I've lost my Muse.

The passion, the love, the hate, the anger, the jealousy, the pain. All of these feelings in one little heart can make you go insane.

We're both very strong and we're both going to be fine. Is fine good enough? Are we settling? I guess we will know in time.

We used to laugh so hard that we used to cry, we were so passionate and loved each other up to our last goodbye.

So much reminds me of our love, the places we've been, the songs we've sung. The best summer of my life, 2009, we were "Forever Young".

We both made mistakes and I wish I could take back the hurt I caused, regardless of what she did or how she acted she doesn't deserve any pain at all.

I apologize for all the times I didn't treat her like my QUEEN. I've acted and said many things that I didn't mean. For that, I apologize Kelly, I truly do. I'd much rather hurt myself than you.

The pictures, the rumors, the tough guy, it's all a front for others to see. I guess I don't want anyone to know the real me.

When I heard she gave her heart to someone else I was so sick and lost my mind. I felt like a little boy whose puppy was missing and he just couldn't find.

I was in so much pain, I hated her, I loved her, I was happy for her, I was sad all in one heart. I never ever felt that way before, It tore me apart.

And when I'm out, I put on a tough exterior for everyone to see, but it's all a cover up, it's the only way I know how to be.

I've come to grips as best I can and want her to be truly happy even if it's not with me, If he treats her well and she's happier with him than it must have been meant to be.

Writing this poem is the first time I've cried in many years. I wish my best friend was here to wipe away the tears.

Now she's in someone else's arms, but I guess that's fate. I don't care what anyone else will say she will always be my BABYCAKES.

I will never forget her, her family and everything that we've been through. Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew.

I really pray that as the years go by, we'll smile and recall that at least for one moment in time, S*** and Kelly had it all.


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Jul 15, 2010
Words from the heart
by: Fion

Hi ANONYMOUS93079, thanks for sharing your love for your Kelly through this heartfelt poem of yours! If Kelly were to read it, I'm sure countless thoughts will go through her... at least the memories of your shared past and hopefully all the good bits. For a guy with a tough exterior, that's a lot of thoughts and feelings going in there. :)

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