Love That Never Seems to End - Visitor's I Miss You Love Poem

by Author Unknown

Sometimes you remember the old days
The days when everything was perfect for you
When you only cared about that one person
The thought of that one person made everything fine
You could count on him
You would know he loved you
You never doubted him
You always heard what you wanted to hear
Even if things could go wrong you knew it would always get better
When you remember those days you can't believe
he was yours one day
But when you remember the days he hurt you,
you still can't get mad at him
When life was only revolved around you and him
When you didn't have any worries or any concerns
But then you remember the day it all ended for good
The day he left and never came back the same person
You wish he didn't do it
You wish you didn't do it either
You wish you could've changed it all
You can't seem to forget all of his qualities that you loved
You miss the fact of being actually loved not liked by someone
You miss feeling special
You miss having that person by your side always
You miss being the only girl in the world for him
Everything could be better if he came back
you think to yourself at times
But your mind won't let you go to him
Your brain is leading you to reality
You can't listen to your heart anymore because you lost trust in it
You miss the days when your heart was beating for him
You miss how it used to be
But now you've come to realize that
he never is going to come back again
You feel like no one deserves you anymore
You want to relive those moments with him
instead of imagining them
You want to hug him so tight and never let go
You can lie to everyone all you want but you can't lie to yourself
Because you know deep down in your heart that
you never really forgot him
The reason you are against everyone is because
you don't trust anyone anymore
You miss those long talks on the phone
where your heart would beat so fast and
you could talk for hours about nothing but it still felt special
You miss those compliments he would tell you all day
and not be sick of giving
You miss his smell and how he used to treat you
You miss how he would smile only when he was with you
How he would do anything to talk to you or see you
How he would leave whatever he was doing just for you
How the only thing he cared about in the world was you
How he wrote you the sweetest things in the world to you
But most of all you just miss him...

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