Love is Awesome and a Gift - Visitor's Love Story

by Lavanya Manne

My love started from 8th standard. It may be pure love. The first proposal I got was from a guy who is currently my hubby when we were studying in the class. Later on as the days progressed till my B.E final exams, we were still stubborn in our love. I tried my best but I failed to get my parents to accept our love. Finally with god’s grace, we got married legally in a temple under the acceptance of our parents. This is the first achievement for me.

Soon after, for 3 years I used to suffer from issues of money, accessories, etc because of my husband and mother-in-law. Yet I patiently waited for a bright day. Slowly, my husband changed towards my side. Soon after I joined a company as a software developer and I struggled like anything for the job, with kind support from my husband. Now we are a happy and peaceful family. This is the second achievement for me.

My third achievement would be to develop an orphanage (a public institution for the care and protection of children without parents). This is an achievement I haven’t reached yet.

So from my experiences, I would like to suggest that...

Love is really BEAUTIFUL, don’t lose it, it’s a gift.

We can achieve awesome effects with love and affection anywhere around the world. But it can’t happened with egos, anger, cursing, foolishness, helplessness, etc.

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