Love - An Endless Emotion - Visitor's Love Poem

by David Smith
(West Jordan, UT, USA)

Love, an endless emotion for another
A thing to remember
A man and a woman
Who have been through hard times
If she wants to leave you
What will you say?
With all the memories of camping and sitting by the fire
Holding her tight while enduring a freezing night
Keeping her safe
While caring for the both of you
Knowing that nothing can get her without getting through you
A man with several guns
A force to reckon with
Living life short of cash
Running from the law with nothing but each other
Constantly thinking of your next move
Not sure of where it may take you.
A couple madly in love
One far older than the other
Fighting for their freedom
They die together
A couple who just wanted each other
Hated by all loved only by each other
Ended up living together forever

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