Lost Love - Visitor's Love Poem

by Melissa
(Paterson, NJ, USA)

I know I messed up, but at the time I felt I had enough,
dealing with the arguing, you being controlling,
the loneliness.
Boy are you serious?
When I left it felt good, but at the same time I was crushed,
because with you I was still in love,
since the break up I've had my fun,
but then again I was lost,
because I still needed you boo that's no shock.
Deep down I know everything isn't my fault,
but I made myself believe so with my thoughts.
You and I are to blame,
but I blame me more for leaving that day,
what was going on in my brain?
I'm sorry for ignoring you calls,
I'm sorry for what I've caused.
I was just afraid of going through it again,
the things my brain could not mend.
You may think I didn't care anymore, but I did.
All I can think of is when I walked out that door,
still loving you with my mind body and soul,
all I did was make my heart soar.
I tried to escape you by moving away,
that didn't work, in me your soul stayed.
I came back for you, but I guess I was too late.
All you can see is your side of the story,
But what about me?
Do you not stop and think?
Think of everything we went through,
I know you felt the same way too.
Don't sit there and say you were happy,
ha... boy you got me laughing.
It's been a year and a half now,
I've been trying for 7 months pal,
trying to get through to you,
make you understand that you are my boo.
All I can think about is you,
all I can dream about is you,
my life revolves around you if you want it to.
All you do is use and abuse me,
toying with my mind, my body, and my feelings.
Did I hurt you that bad, to make you act like that?
I was only trying to do what was best,
if you only knew how bad I hurt myself,
and to be happy again I need your help.
But I don't think you love me anymore,
you should've let me know from the door.
You say you love me but don't prove it,
you say you want me but not yet.
Why? Because you want to have real quick.
Seems to your not ready at all for this.
I just ask for one more chance,
and I assure you'll be the happiest man.
Please don't make me suffer any longer,
decide if you want us apart or together.
Just 'cause I'm here now and you have me
wrapped around your finger,
doesn't mean I am wait forever.
Tomorrow's a new day, and it just might be too late.
You're too caught up in that life you're living,
you don't realize you're hurting both you and me.
Let's leave it alone,
what's the point if you refuse to come home?
I'm sorry babe but I don't know what else to do,
I'm done playing your game with you.
Though I really want you to be my man again,
I really can't have you as just friends.
So I will try and put all this behind me,
and start planning my future with a new beginning.
One last thing before we're officially through,
you need to know that I'll always love you...

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Jul 30, 2010
Lost love...
by: Fion

Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing your experience of lost love through this poem! I know you're still going through the challenge of letting a relationship/someone go. I hope you'll figure out what's best for you and make a go for your own happiness. All the best!

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