Light At the End of a Tunnel - Visitor's Love Message

by Rico
(East Cowes, UK)

Dear love,

This is the part where I look at you and the past we have had. I thought to myself, "Wow! What amazing days we spent together!"

True there were dark days and there were days we never wish we had, but as they all said, there is always light at the end of a tunnel.

Like the light at the end of the tunnel, our happy ending shines and awaits us, there we will look back upon ourselves and think "we are one of the kind."

Before you, only in my fantasies I can have and feel such love, but fantasies don't come true do they? I have fantasized alot, until the day I meet you, I have never known that it can come to such a truth in life.

Like the penguins awaits their love ones, I would keep you forever, fantasize about you, about our love, awaits till it comes true.

But... That alone isn't enough to explain the extent of my love. I love you more than a duck can swim. I love you more than a bird can fly and a bee can sting. I love you more than He can ever loves her. I love you more than anything and nothing can explain my love.

Though I have often made you angry you and you have made me angry, we truly push each other to the most that we can be. You may show me another pair who might not be fighting and I will show you a pair that hasn't seen the light.

As we look back through our past I thought to my self... "Can we get through this dark tunnel to reach the light?" Then I thought to myself, I have fantasized this before, and sure it might not come true, but like the day I met you. You just never know what love brings to life.

I love you till the end of time and nothing will stop me loving you. I will keep await until the day you are ready, until then I will keep loving you so I know you can love me back the way I have loved you.


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