Let Me Be - Visitor's Love Poem

by Maia Padua

In your sleep,
Let me be your pillow;
And hug me tight,
Bear me in your arms,
And caress your skin,
Bring me near to your face,
That I may listen your breath;
Until, I doze off to sleep.

In your thirst,
Let me be your glass;
To be touched by your fingers
And taste your lips,
Savor the freshness of your breath,
In my lips, your sweetness would linger.

In your loneliness,
Let me be your pen;
That I may feel the warmth of your skin,
And scribble all your thoughts,
Uncover all your feelings,
And express all the love within.

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Jan 06, 2010
Commenting on my poems
by: Fion

Hi Maia,

Thanks for expressing your interest in wanting to comment on my poems! When I had them up on this website, I didn't actually believe someone would want to comment on them. :)

I've now set up a page where visitors can leave their comments. Feel free to take a look here:

Keep on writing!


Jan 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hello, Fion..

Thanks a lot for your words. Such an encouragement for me.Thanks for your warm welcome by reading and leaving your heart prints...your comments.
I love your works but i can't leave my words. I hope I can comment on your works too.

Again, thanks a lot for finding time to read.


Jan 05, 2010
In love poem
by: Fion

Hi Maia, thanks for sharing this poem that shows the feelings and desires of being in love with another person.. How we long to be always there for someone else. :)

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