Lawrence Floyd's What Is I? - Visitor's Love Message

by Lawrence Floyd
(Albany, GA, USA)

On July 16 2005, we were united into a commitment of us. (I) left the building of both of our lives on that day. We took over and we became one in our decisions, relationship and future.

No longer will we say the worlds yours ours mine, it is ours that reflects in a healthy marriage relationship.

I is a word that is a selfish individual that has divided many things that were good but we should have noticed that so that we could get to the next level.

We are at that stage of us to become more direct and involved with each other. If we are concerned about our love then we can always find ways to make it better.

I want you to like what I like and I like what you like. I want to go and have a drink with my wife so that we can discuss work, play, future and each other.

In order for the mind to change it must follow the heart. Excuses never mix well with change, and what we must understand is that there are 3 things that we will never get back and it is our time, words and opportunity.

I want to focus on the opportunity to take the time in the words that I say to show you that I love you. There Marsha, I said I but the only time that I want to see I is before love and you.

You have no idea what you mean to me and I want you to understand that it is okay to step out on faith with me as I have with you.

Can I display how I love you in a day never, in a moment not even, in a sec possible, but to display that love it is going to take the rest of our lives and for you that is a good thing. Life has displayed many challenges and issues but not one has found the cure for me to stop loving you.

I make it a point from this day to reflect in someway the love that I feel for you because doubt does not exist in our home anymore, neither does I but we and Love do forever.

May the words of my lips that come from my heart be revealed to reality and be felt in our souls forever.

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Apr 22, 2010
Nice Poem to your wife.
by: Anonymous

That was a sweet poem you can tell that it was from the heart. I hope your wife will embrace your words, as you wrote them it was very heartfelt.

Apr 22, 2010
Lovely love message
by: Fion

Hi Lawrence, thanks so much for writing a beautiful love message to your wife! You've written from your heart and I believe your wife will be delighted with your words and love for her!

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