Janessa Kosar's Epiphany - Visitor's Love Message

by Janessa Kosar
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

If tomorrow is never promised today... why do we brush each day off like there are endless days to come?

Each of us, has a ticking clock inside of us. Some of us choose to acknowledge it and some refuse to ever believe that somehow we have a destiny, and even a designated day to die.

What I'm trying to say is... we don't have eternity. We don't have all our lives to proclaim our love to the ones who have our hearts. Some of us don't have the rest of our lives to dedicate to one true love.

Unfortunately some of us only have days, months, maybe years. That is why taking people for granted, the feelings you have for them for granted, or the genetic tie which has been inevitable since day one again for granted should no longer be a way of life. Not for me anyway.

From this day on I'm accepting these feelings of vulnerability. Because no matter how much you feel vulnerable, you know you have never failed to put in each of those people's heads, the thought of love... that comes within you, only because of them.

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Jul 14, 2010
Geat message
by: Anonymous

Janessa Dear,

A great message! Thanks, Arthur Dubai.

Jul 07, 2010
Your epiphany
by: Fion

Hi Janessa, thanks so much for sharing your epiphany with us! It's a great reminder to us that we should perhaps learn to treasure our loved ones and not take them for granted, and take time to show them our love with the limited time we have on earth.

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