Infatuated - Visitor's Love Poem

by Shannon Sharifi

A pleasure to me
is to think of you

To think and dwell
and plan and spell
our names combined on paper lined.

My mind is yours and you are mine.
My joy and sorrow.
Bliss and pain.
A sea sick feeling
whirling brain.

I'm lost and found when you're around.
You're air and ground
you're quiet & sound.

I'm overcome & overwhelmed
My senses: touch, taste, feel & smell
Are ever-reaching for your well
I drink until I burst & swell

If only you could ever know…
… If only I could ever tell

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May 03, 2010
Infatuated feelings
by: Fion

Hi Shannon, thanks for describing the overwhelming feelings that infatuation can bring to one's life! Being infatuated with someone can be an intoxicating experience, with lots of high and low emotions. I believe many people could recall a period of their lives where they had a crush on someone else... :)

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