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"Buy a small plant, or two or three or more. Geraniums, begonias, and other flowering houseplants are nice. Add some medium sized terracotta pots to your cart. Don't forget the saucers. And a bag of potting soil. None of these items are expensive. Spread out some newspapers. There is something romantic about getting together with someone you love to nurture new life. Follow up with a cup of coffee or tea and something sweet."

Submitted by: Amber (USA)
"If you enjoy cooking, create a recipe book together. Take turns sending romantic and tasty recipes, and be sure to test the recipes out by preparing and enjoying them together. Save your favorite recipes in a book or recipe box so you can remember them for future use. This gives you both the fun of making the meal together and you have a go-to spot when you want to make an impromptu romantic dinner."

"One of the best dates that I ever went on was a very impromptu one. I met up with a woman I was dating at the time, and we went walking downtown. We happened to walk by a place called "The Children's Museum". We wandered in and were lucky enough to be left to wander around. We climbed on the play structure, and took pictures in the fire engine. I snuck a kiss from her in a hidden corner. We made clay sculptures. It didn't cost us anything, nor did it require any effort, but it was a great date, and now a fun memory."

"For a special occasion such as an engagement or anniversary, have a newspaper front page made up with news articles about actual events concerning the happy couple including headlines and pictures (engagement, wedding, anniversary, etc). Then you can have the full page mounted and framed."

"Select a photograph of the 2 of you together, preferably from a while back. When the 2 of you are together, show the picture and tell him/her what was so special about the event pictured. Share the thoughts you had on that occasion. Reveal how you felt about him/her that day. Tell him/her what you were thinking when the event was over. Then present him/her the picture in a hand-made frame."

"You can go with your partner to a beach. The beach is an excellent and relaxing place to spend time with your love. It gives you a pleasant and calm mind. While you were there with your partner, give her some inexpensive but memorable gifts like a CD filled with love songs that you both really enjoy or photo collage of your best pictures together. She'll be very happy and you can really enjoy the day together surrounded by the ocean breezes and sound of waves."

Submitted by: LEE (INDIA)
"Hugging your partner in a low dim light and whisper to her the beauty of her face in a low voice which would stimulate her feelings totally. Slow dancing is great choice at all times."

"One Valentine's day I was very broke and couldn't afford ANYTHING for my boyfriend of 3 years! I was working at a local pizza shop, so I made him a heart-shaped pizza with all his favorite ingredients, including a message that read "I LOVE YOU" in black olives. Yum. :)"

"Last minute camping: For the city folks who love the outdoors like myself who can't always get away, a quick indoor camping trip is really cheap and can be really romantic. Set up a small tent in your bedroom/living room etc, play nature sounds on your stereo, snuggle in your sleeping bags together while eating foods you would take camping with you... Chips, beer/wine etc.

I've done this many times and it's always alot of fun, always inexpensive and adventurous."

"The best romantic idea that I've ever experienced was also inexpensive. It was a walk along a quiet stretch of beach, away from the crowded areas and towns, with the lovely backdrop of a castle to add to the romance of the day. Afterwards, we ate out at a local cafe that cost very little, but it was great because it was just the two of us with no interruptions. I found that much more romantic than a meal at an expensive restaurant where I would have to worry about the costs, what I was wearing and whether I was using the right cutlery!"

"Pick up some wine and cheese (or strawberries and champagne) and take your sweetheart to the park. Find a breezy, shady spot and spend an hour or two talking and spending time together - don't forget to take a blanket to sit on!"

"Full Moon Wine Walk - Costing only as much as the glass of wine you take with you, grab your someone special and a cool white wine during a late summer's eve and take in your neighborhood, the beach, or wherever is safe and near by the light of the moon."

"With economy the way it is, money is short. I would suggest that you pack a picnic lunch or dinner, go to a quiet park, open a bottle of bubbly. Eat, talk and get to know each other. Or just have some quiet moments alone with each other. If the man comes up with this idea, I think any women would be thrilled."

Submitted by: PSvarthy (India)
"1. "Give your ear to her/him when she/he is speaking even worthless and boring matters."

2. "Show your efforts even in small actions like opening the car door, moving the dining chair or moving the food item plates on the dinning table."

3. "When she/he is leaving from your place, go and send her/him off right up to gate and stand there till she/he vanishes from your sight."

"Just a simple walk through a local park. That is, if they like nature and or like to take walks. It's such a good time to bond with your loved one. You can talk about many things or just to enjoy the silence and each other's company."

"Women aren't necessarily into money or things that cost money. Give her your time, attention, and love. She will be overwhelmed with the amount of attention she is getting from you. A home cooked meal and a romantic movie will also help these feelings!"

"Camp Out in the Backyard: While it might seem like something one would do as a child, this can also be a fun romantic thing to do with your lover. You can pop up a tent or lay out on a blanket. Set up a little camp fire to heat things up, or sit around a flickering candle to see each of the better. You can feed each other marshmallows and chocolate. It can be a great opportunity to talk and reminisce about good times together."

"I think a candle-lit picnic at dusk is always nice. During the summer that may not be easy to do with the heat, but if you are near water, the wind will be blowing. Don't forget bug spray.

Another inexpensive thing you could do is cook for that person in your own home. Lighting always affects the mood and soft music as well. Make sure there are fresh flowers, wine or beer, and a meal that isn't messy."

Submitted by: Ben (USA)
Every morning that I have to leave for work before my wife wakes up, I think of something romantic I would like to say to her to get her day off to a good start, then write it on a sticky note, and put it on the bathroom mirror. That way, she has a nice thought from me and gets to hear how much I love her even if we don't actually get to see each other.

Submitted by: Natalie USA
"Go to an outdoor movie theatre. These are pretty cheap and you can watch up to 3 movies in one night. Plus you can cuddle in the truck and fill it with blankets and pillows. It will be a night to remember!"

Submitted by: K (USA)
"This is an idea that can be done in two different ways. Firstly, get a few blank note cards together, with envelopes - possibly stamps as well.

Then in each card, either write something that you love about the person you're with, or a quote you'll like to share with them. Then put the card into an envelope, and hide the envelope while they aren't home - if they are at work, running an errand, or even in the shower.

This is a really nice way to leave a little something special for someone if you are leaving their place after visiting and you're far apart, or even close by. That way they'll randomly find your little notes and these will brighten up their day.

Or, you can get out those stamps, and randomly mail out a card at different stops if you have to travel without your special someone."

Submitted by: John S., North Carolina, USA
"On our first dates, my girlfriend and I would rollerblade around the top of a parking garage, under the stars. Months later, we returned for a picnic."

"If living in a city apartment building and have access to the rooftop, plan an outdoor rooftop dinner. Grab a blanket, wine glasses, home-cooked food, eating utensils and plates, radio with classical music, and a vase flowers. Spread the blanket and place the flowers in the middle. Turn on the music and enjoy your dinner with your loved one."

"There are many ways to show the one you love just how much you love them, not necessarily by spending a lot of money, but by doing small things that don't require a lot of money, but just time and effort.

- You can cook a meal for your loved one with what you already have in the refrigerator or freezer and light a few candles around the table in a dimly lit room with some low romantic music playing in the background.

- You and your loved one can drive, or better yet walk to the park if it is within walking distance, hand in hand, with a nice picnic basket with some sandwiches, fruits and a blanket, then find a romantic spot in a secluded area of the park and have a romantic lunch getaway.

- If you are at home and you and the loved one are just watching television together, give your loved one a massage. You'll be surprised just how massages can make the sparks fly!

Little things mean a lot. Money comes and goes, but time and effort are recognized by your loved one and those things will last so much longer and will keep the fire in a relationship."

Submitted by: Mike K (USA)
"Take a stack of post-it-notes and write down on each page one reason why you love your partner. Or one thing that you love about them. Or remember when we... Or you always make me smile when you... Then take three of these notes each day and hide them in obvious places for your partner to discover."

Submitted by: Ravanan (India)
"1) Make a memory ja, write a few words about love and memorable thing about the person you love.

2)Take a train to travel to the city for an adventurous day out with your loved one.

3) Send little gifts like flowers, greeting cards, or toys which you know she/he likes very much."

"It is simple. Turn off your cell phones, turn down the lights, light a candle, curl up on the couch with your lady snuggled in your arms under a comfy blanket on a comfy leather chair. Enjoy the movie and enjoy what follows!"

"Definitely picnic is an inexpensive romantic event. Get your favorite foods and drink. Feed each other and cuddle on a soft blanket."

"My boyfriend and I love to go on picnics. They are romantic and inexpensive. The key is to find the perfect, peaceful spot. Bring some wine or a special desert like chocolate covered strawberries."

"A great idea for an inexpensive idea is to make a list of everything you know your girlfriend/boyfriend loves. Then, instead of actually buying all these things, make a poem or song with all of them in it and sing or read it to them. They'll love it!"

"Send a card of appreciation or leave a few notes around the house for no particular reason that tells your partner why you appreciate her. To keep a long term relationship healthy, we need to take the time regularly to show appreciation and be polite."

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