Getting Over - Visitor's Love Poem

by jd_bugs
(Manila, Philippines)

Once you had that person that makes you all complete
With whom thousands of kisses you’ve given and exchanged
Words of love are once endless and sounds so sincere
In this world where happiness is all you see and feel

Now the world had moved, that person has changed
The only things you have are the memories you shared
The sweet kisses and hugs flown like a feather in the wind
Where hurt and loneliness keeps floating while you mend

Sometimes you wonder if that person can see through your eyes
Where he sees what is your longing – to be held again in his arms
Tears and pain you’ve felt will be buried down inside
To give your love a chance and start a new smile

The smile that you now see brings tiny piece of hope
Brings you back to good times, great friend, and best of love
But soon you will realize that all is just a dream
Where second chance for forever is far than you have seen

Everyone says do give up, keep from holding on
For the person whom you love, has found new place to shed
But deep inside you prayed that his feelings still remain
'Coz your love still reside despite the odds it held

Just when you think it’s over, the worst is yet to come
Like the hourglass where the sand should rock the bottom ground
All your hopes and longings will soon come to a rest
Tears that ones were flowing will learn not to exist

Now just be patient and wait for someone who
Will turn the hourglass around to start something new
Life is not yet over, the past you will get through
To give rise to a new morning where love will grow anew

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Jul 31, 2010
Love it
by: msmel

Thanks sooo much for sharing your poem... I can relate to it and as the others said it is a very hard thing to deal with especially when it's a mental thing... but of course it's up to you to let your heart heal and forget the past, and stop neglecting the good men that may come your way... because maybe that love wasn't meant to be. Maybe the next man that comes will treat you like his queen and you'll be forever happy. Check out my poem it's called Lost Love by Melissa. Hopefully you'll love it as I did yours... enjoy.

Jun 22, 2010
Thank you
by: jd_bugs

Thanks and looking forward to a new love...
it can be a new love with the same person or to a new one... :)

Jun 22, 2010
Getting over lost love
by: Fion

Hi jd_bugs, thanks so much for sharing this love poem of yours. Lost love is one of the hardest challenges in life to get over. During our moments of despair, we wanted so much to return to a love that's lost and hope that everything can mend and be alright again. We couldn't see a future where a new love, maybe something even better, could exist. But when we let our broken hearts heal, let hope come in and stay open to love, we'll find a new love again, someday. :)

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