First Date Ideas by Site Visitors

This collection of first date ideas are submitted by site visitors. They will give you ideas and inspirations of where to go and what to do on a first date.

First dates can be so full of excitement, anticipation and a slight amount of nervousness. To create an enjoyable day out with your date that delights you both, be sure to check out the ideas recommended and suggested by site visitors.

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"From a first date view, I would take my date on a romantic meal for two on a boat if available. There would be candles and a nice wine to go with the meal. I would give her some flowers on the first date which is a nice gesture and show her I care. After the meal, I would have a coffee liqueur and sit and talk."

"For the first dates, I advise everyone to choose a quiet place, without much noise and without many people around. One of my examples - the park in my town is a very peaceful place. I knew that the girl liked surprises very much so I thought of something up. I bought her a present. We've arranged to meet at 8pm and I came 15 minutes later on purpose. I got a friend to give her the present and leave. Then I came with a flower and she was still waiting to meet me after she got the present. The flower was also a step forward. Then a short walk and a great chat. Of course it should be something that she likes so you will have to make some researches before the date. But my advice... use your imagination and listen to you heart."

"First dates can be awkward because you don't know each other's likes and dislikes. It's best to stay away from bars, clubs and even movies. Places like these don't give you a chance to talk and decide if you want to get to know each other better. My idea of a perfect first date is a picnic lunch at the park. You can sit and relax, enjoy some sandwiches and fruit (or grilled hotdogs, hamburgers or whatever you like) and then take a walk."

"I really like the idea of going on a first date to a grocery store. You get a good sense each other's tastes. You can pick out ingredients and a nice bottle of wine (or a case of beer if you prefer) and then go home to cook. It's laid back and gives you a chance to talk and get to know each other."

"Ask your date to wear walking shoes and bring a light jacket. Pack a picnic basket with an easy to eat by hand meal with a bottle of wine and a blanket. Go to a park with lots of walking trails, enjoy the meal, then walk and talk. You will get to know each other much better than over the phone or in a noisy restaurant. Repeat this scenario every 6 months to keep the relationship on a romantic level. Focus on each other."

Submitted by: Sheila (USA)
"My choice for a romantic first date would be going to a beach, if you live near one. Packing a picnic basket would be wonderful especially if it had cheese, wine, bread and something sweet. This would allow the two of us to get to know each other in an open, non threatening way. We could talk about who we are, what we like and dislike and really get to know each other. This would be so much better than going to some crowded place where you couldn't hear each other talk. I think a casual date is the most romantic."

"Play dates aren't just for kids. Have fun, go to the playground or amusement park. Playing lets you judge a person's ability to relax and let loose."

"One of the most memorable first dates I ever went on was when I was 19. We went to the Midway. It was great fun! After walking around people watching for a bit and talking we went on a bunch of the rides. It was great fun. We were laughing so hard at the silliness. After the rides we ate hot dogs and candied apples. Then he won me a small stuffed animal (after spending more money than he should have trying). Definitely a fun way to get to know each other."

"My first date was incredibly romantic. I got a reservation at a unique Mexican restaurant downtown where I knew they had a mariachi band that would serenade tables throughout the evening. I picked up my date and had flowers ready for her. Before we went to dinner we stopped at a craft shop that allows you to make your own unique crafts. I bought us some freshly made ceramic plates to paint on in their workshop. We had a hilarious time painting portraits of ourselves and then trading plates. It was quite fun. We then had a fabulous dinner at the Mexican restaurant."

"A very good first impression is made if the girl can be amazed. For example, I'm a magician. When I first meet the girl, I don't tell her anything. After a few hours, I ask her if she likes magic (they all do), and show her a few tricks. In every single case, the girl goes home amazed."

"This is for a date with a girl who loves to be outdoors. Warn her to wear comfortable shoes. Choose an area you are familiar with and hike to the top of a hill with a wonderful view. Once you are to the top pull out all of the proper supplies for a romantic meal (i.e. wine, candles, etc.) that you have packed in your bag and share a meal as the sun sets on the beautiful horizon you are overlooking."

"I picked up some flowers and some champagne on my way over to her house for the first date. We went to Red Lobster but there was a waiting list. We put our names on the list and returned to her house and played Wii. We both had more fun playing Wii and drinking champagne than we have previously had on any other dates. Sometimes being spontaneous can be the best way to have a fun and romantic dinner."

Submitted by: Lazar Ana-Maria (Romania)
"It seems to me that a girl will enjoy chivalry. Opening the door, pulling out the chair for her will always make a good impression. In this simple way you will show your attraction to her. Also, it will make the person you like feel protected and nurtured despite the fact that nowadays the woman tend to be self-sufficient."

Submitted by: Zeenia (India)
"Since we are talking about first dates, it is very important that you go to a place where you can talk to you date and share your views. Try not going for a movie or play. Going to the beach or a coffee shop/restaurant where you can sit for a couple of hours and have uninterrupted conversation would be a better idea. To make the evening romantic, try surprising your date by taking a small gift for him/her."

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