Can't Forget - Visitor's Touching Love Poem

by Ally
(New Mexico, USA)

You forgot too many things
Too many things that are so important to me
You don’t remember how you forget these things
You have forgotten that as well
When you left me, I’m sure you left many things
You took your smile and sweetness
And said that you were saving me from getting hurt
I knew you would forget who I was
I would have to remind you everyday how to do simple things
Things that I take for granted
We sit in silence for hours in our little sanctuary
Only because you have forgotten how to speak
I speak for you to God
Praying for your health to be restored
Crying on my hands and knees for your health to be restored
I pick up your hand and squeeze it gently
Only because you have forgotten to move your arms
There is one thing that you must never forget
You never will forget this one simple task
I can tell that you never will forget
Because when I look in your eyes
I see that you have not forgot how to love
How to love me

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