A Vanished Friend - Visitor's Love Poem

by Vaibhav
(Delhi, India)

Around the corner I have a friend,
in this city that has no end
yet the days pass by and the weeks rush on,
and before I know few months are gone.

Tomorrow I think she'll talk to me
and tell me the reason for which she left me
but tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
and distance between us grows and grows.

Last night while thinking about her,
tears rolled down my eyes
and that was the time when I realized,
the importance that girl had in my life.

But one day when the same
will happen with her also,
she'll come back to me,
and for that I'm sure.

All I can do is just wait for that time,
thinking about that beautiful face,
those beautiful eyes.

But all that I get in the end
is around the corner a vanished friend.

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