A Short Regret - Visitor's Love Poem

by Anonymous

Never dredge up the didn't-do's and wish-I'd-done's

So many regrets

You were a freshman, blonde-smart-pretty, but way too tall for boys

I was a sophomore and not tall

You liked me, smiled at me in band class, hinted to me but I was

Too stupid to see you.

Easy chance missed, so you found a boy, you were happy

(I dated a smoker)

But he had problems, so many issues, a year later you broke up

(She cheated on me)

And for a moment, you were free, and so was I

We were friends, so…

"So you wanna see a movie?" Just you, and me and Peter

Peter couldn't make it

Pink Floyd's "The Wall," you sat down low, and I sat up high

Our faces close

Kissing late in the theater, walking-talking hand in hand, steaming up my car

Your dad knocked on the glass

Love on my mind, back at high school, your boy came back

Said he still wanted you

You were so upset, you took me in the hall by the band room

Meaning to let me down

Your eyes searching for answers, I said… I said I didn't know, when you asked

"Are you in love with me?"

Once you were gone, I was empty, a sad lonely shell

(I put on black shoes)

It hurt to see you, back with him, back to his problems

(I wore them every day)

It hurt me to talk to you, we drifted apart, I found another girl

(Told no one why, ever)

New girlfriend was so bitchy, and you moved on, to a different boy

And that was high school

Broke up with her, went to college, partied most every night

Didn't forget you

Met someone nice, was at the mall with her, I saw you walking

It would've hurt me to say hello

Now I'm married to her, wife-kids-mortgage, job in the city

I'm happy…

She's a great mom, shares my philosophy on life and kids, we have lots of friends

I'm happy…

She's falls asleep too early for movies, doesn't like my music, snaps at me when she's upset

But I'm happy, yes I am…

Every now and then I think of you, your kind intelligent smile, your honest beauty

One in a million

I have other regrets, trips not taken and things not done, girls not kissed

But not really

Those were flights of fancy, silly lusts, thoughts of a frustrated man

You were the real thing, the only…

Just once, I'd like to turn back time, to know what might have been

Had I told the truth

Yes! I was so in love with you, head over heels, throw caution to the wind

My biggest regret

I still hear the low growl of my name, in the back of my car, our innocent fumblings

Sad thoughts of a…

Love lost, a didn't-do and wish-I'd-done, a wound I cannot heal

If only I could forget

Wherever you are, husband-house-children, I wish you happiness and good fortune

Someone else's name to call

You were a sparkling diamond, a brilliant shooting star, but I was a stupid kid and now

You're forever beyond my reach.

--- Anonymous

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