A Most Romantic Day - Visitor's Romantic Idea

by Anonymous

One of the most romantic things that anyone ever did for me occurred over ten years ago. My husband and I had been married for almost a year. We were in college and money was tight. It was Valentine's and we had decided not to spend any money on the holiday.

I arrived home from school to find a note on the door, explaining that there were notes throughout the house, one word on each sheet of paper. I found all sheets and placed them on my bed in the order they were throughout the house. To my surprise, the words when put together were the words to our wedding invitation! When he arrived home from work, I was sitting on our bed crying. On his way home, he spotted a field of wild flowers, he stopped to pick me some. Once home, he put them in a vase and came up to run me a bath.

So here I sit over ten years later, and to this day this was the most romantic day of my life.

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